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LOL, I lived in Missouri for 24 years, never once have I heard "The state that is stuck in 1953" in reference to any state. If anything, that would be Iowa

Sounds like somebody was extremely offended.

And while I hate the Cowboys, I'm a Chiefs fan so I can't really say the Cowboys suck. The Chiefs haven't beaten Dallas in my lifetime

As for Bush as our "Czar", I'm with it, here's why:
Originally Posted by NateR
Actually, you're forgetting the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993 and the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995. Military bases, ships and US Embassies are also considered American soil, so that list would include the Kobar Towers bombing of 1996, the US Embassy bombing in Kenya in 1998, and the USS Cole bombing in 2000. So, that's 5 terrorist attacks on US soil that took place under Clinton's watch.

Bush had one terrorist attack take place in his first year in office, and then 7 years of zero terrorist attacks on US soil. I think his record of success is pretty clear.

Anyways, if Texas does secede, then I might just move back down there. WAR TEXAS!
Stay in St. Louis hippie.

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