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Originally Posted by TLC View Post
Probably more aerobic than anything at this point. I figure if I can increse the size of my gas tank, I'll be better suited to hanging in the gym once I get started there.
In that case, high intensity interval training is going to ramp your VO2 Max faster than anything. Basically, it's all about getting your heart rate to 90% and above multiple times in a very short bout. For example, I'll use the exercise bike:

4:30 warmup
0:30 100% effort
0:30 50% effort
- repeat 8-12 times
5:00 cooldown

That's your cardio. It sounds easy, but it's extremely brutal. Typically, after a session like this, I'll have reached a max HR of 190 (which is my calculated MHR) and a constant HR of 175 (not including warmup & cooldown). Do this 2 or 3 times a week and have a regular interval or steady-state in there somewhere as well. Tests have shown combining HIIT with traditional cardio works better than doing just HIIT alone.

For articles on HIIT, here you go:
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