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Originally Posted by Mac View Post

I kid you not . i was pulling home a 64 international once and a few buddies were meeting me at the house to check it out . Someone the week before had made that fred sanford comment so i downloaded the theme song onto a cd. When i was backing in everyone was standing there and i cranked it up on the cd player. I had to stop backing the trailer because i was laughing so hard.

And Hey , a person can make some really good coin finding just the right items.

I just posted this picture in Donna Marias motorcycle thread .

What you see here is a total of 3 vehicles with a total of $9500 dollars of investment between all 3.

I sold all 3 vehicles in that pic for a total of ENOUGH for a total profit of SOME dollars. Not to Shabby .
You had better edit this post. The IRS is always watching.
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