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I want to have a motorbike also...mostly because you can ride on them on a permanent provisional liscence in this country

But my Mother says I shouldnt...and that she would want me to ride a moped instead...and they look stupid

Our Family was blighted by a motorbike accident. My Grandmother had three two of whom is in her late 90s, and one of whom recently for the best part of forty years, that second sister, called Eileen, she cut herself off from the family...she did so because she only had one child, a Son...and he was killed in a motorbike accident before he was 20 years old...the rest of her family were blessed with multiple offspring...She only returned to us on the death of her Husband...and even then, it wasnt long before she also died.

Motorbikes are dangerous...not because of those who drive them...but because of most other road users who dont look out for them...the ammount of times a car will pull out of a minor onto a major, and claim they didnt see the bike because they were only looking for other cars...meanwhile the biker hasnt time to stop when someone pulls out right infront of them...and you dont play chicken with a larger machine and expect to come off best...if you know what I mean...the car gets a dent...the motorbike gets smushed and the biker goes airbourne...

Perhaps stick to skydiving instead
your Mother says you shouldn't ? crack me up sometimes Dave.
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