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Default My Craigslist find for the week!

Im always out lookin for something old . I love old stuff , cars and cool stuff .

So before i took off today i ran through the local craigslist as i do everymorning lookin to see whats out there and i came across this.

Its about a 1946 model , Quikold model 1400wd 7up soda chest cooler. And the cool part is that it still works !
I was browsing through craigslist and saw this at the top of the page and called the guy , He said he would hold it for me while i made the 30 minute drive over to sigel to pick it up . I didnt even try to haggle on the price , I paid his full asking price of $25 dollars He told me he had only had it posted for about 5 minutes and that i was the first guy to call. I imagine there are a BUNCH of upset folks that saw that ad only to find it was already gone.

The fella i talked to out in california about it that restores them said it is worth an easy 500 dollars so im really happy with the find.

It looks bad but i tell ya what , folks LOVE them in this condition , just the right patina , its held its shape nicely for over half a century and it still gets cold is the amazing part. Itll sit out in front of the garage with cold soda in it until someone with more money than me shows up and just has to have it. Or ill get bored with it and feed it to the ebay monster.

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