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OMG, that's just horrible! I'm glad your brother is OK, Michelle, he's been through a lot with all the surgeries :-( From the looks of his bike, it's lucky he survived!

DonnaMaria, here is my experience with bikes. I got a HD 175cc when I was in my 20s and it was a LOT of fun. The 2nd day I had it, I crashed going around a corner on a paved road when I hit some gravel (and going too fast). Luckily, I was wearing a helmet so I only got road burns. But that slowed me down. Wear a helmet no matter what!!!

Back then I also rode my (now ex-) husband's Sportster - kick start only, that was a pain! He wouldn't let me ride it until I could set it back up from laying on it's side (that took me awhile ). But it was AWESOME on beautiful days like today, you can feel all the different pockets of temperature and see much better than in a car. Plus, it's just a blast!

So it depends on what kind of bike you're interested in. If it's a dirt bike that's barely street legal, that can be a whole lot of fun off road (or off main roads). When I rode the Sportster it was just wonderful but people tend to follow too close (bikes stop FAST) and do other weird stuff.

Sigh...I gave up my endorsement 3 years ago as it's been eons since I owned a bike...
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