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I've never driven a motorcycle but have been on the back many times. I'd say that the biggest and most important thing to do would be....learn to vanish into thin air when another motorcycle is going to crash into you head on...see below:

This was my brother's bike before he even made his first payment on his brand new bike. It's been almost 3 years now but he'll just be getting his last surgery in a couple of weeks because of that one little thing he failed to do...disappear into thin air when the other guy was coming

Took him about a year to get out of bed and have me drive him back to the scene of the crime. See below:

(Notice the walker)

This was the burnt up tree left from the FIRE that his burning bike caused.See below:

So Missy... just what kind of bike were you wanting to buy? This is my brother's latest. See below

So the moral of the story is doesnt matter how good or safe of a driver you are. Your completely at the mercy of other riders
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