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Texas should take some advice from Missouri, you know, the SHOW ME STATE, where talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words.

If Texas could secede, or would be better off doing so, they wouldve dont it already.

I get that this was supposed to be humorous... but you just sound ignorant,

I could go point by point:
-NASA launches every single ship from Florida
-Are you unaware that Texas also IMPORTS things? Including those cars that run on your gas.
-Texas is not the only state that could SURVIVE by itself, but no state would benefit from it.

I could go point by point... but I won't, it will fall on deaf ears, moreover, as I stated before this was supposed to be (I hope) a humorous little piece where Texans can all bond about the state they live in... or as we call it in the north east "The state that is stuck in 1953"

But you can have Bush. Please, make him youre Czar and never allow him to leave Texas. He kept America safe from terrorist from 1776 to 2008 all by himself (except for the one and only terrorist attack on US soil) (and if you consider the fact that more Americans died in Iraq than on 9/11... and Bin Laden is still alive... and the war in Iraq allowed Al-Qaeda to spead into Iraq) But besides that, he's did a hekuvajob!

Also, the Cowboys suck.
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