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Hmmmm....the first part is I think the grit of it.

So, if what you are saying is true, that being open minded is putting oneself in anothers shoes, aren't we at best simply trying to understand them? In that case I can see where "open minded" comes from.

However, when social liberals tend to use this term, they use it in reference to tolerance. If we don't accept something they embrace we are not being "open-minded" but moreover we are "narrow", or "close-minded".

Would they be correct to say this?
Well I tried to adress some of this in the second part of my post. I said "And more importantly, being open-minded just means accepting that it is possible that other people are doing things just as well as you are (or maybe better) and they are doing it in a different way."
For example, banking. The swiss, have quite a different way of doing banking then north americans. Yet, the swiss are notoriously rich. So in the spirit of being open minded, I may say to myself.... "hey what are those guys doing that I am not?".

But to expand on this. The word you used, tolerance. To be tolerant, according to the lexicon, in its general sense, is to accept something, WHILE you may dissaprove of it. For example, I have tolerance for gays and lesbians. I do NOT approve of what they do (the second part of the definition), but I accept that it is there life and not mine and I wont discriminate against them (not saying you do).

When you mention social liberals suggesting that "when you don't accept something they embrace we are not being "open-minded" but moreover we are "narrow", or "close-minded", this would be an incorrect use of the word tolerance, and shame on a liberal (or anyone) who does this. But, in my view, I don't think this is what they are saying. I think the people they target this ideology to are people that ARE close-minded to begin with. NOT because they disagree with you, but because they may feel that the conservative that is not agreeing with them is basing their oppinions on very narrow views, or vice versa.
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