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I do not understand this term...does this mean that if someone disagrees with you they are not "open-minded"?

It seems to me that if they do NOT agree with you, they HAD been "open" minded, but now that they have decided to disagree with you they are now "close-minded"?

Liberals...can you explain or defend this saying? Or should this saying be added to the list of sayings that need to die?

well, I would not classify myself as liberal or conservative....I am open minded

To me the term has meant the following. Just put youself in someone else shoes and see things from their perspective and NOT just the persepctive that is immediately known to you. For example, we live in the west, we see things from a "western" point of view. And more importantly, being open-minded just means accepting that it is possible that other people are doing things just as well as you are (or maybe better) and they are doing it in a different way. What are these 'things'?, healthcare (we have done that one to death), law, politics, economics, banking etc etc etc.

just my two cents (two cents canadian that is!)

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