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So, we arrived in Franlinton, La. I didn't know what to expect. Never have been to Louisiana. I was happy to see that they had a mcdonalds! I knew it would be somewhat civilized! LOL
We got our hotel and then went and met David aka Rev. Soon as we met him, he started feeding us. The guy makes good chili. We then began the redneck ritual of eating deer sausage and jerky. hahaha you can't hunt without it!
So we headed out and went hunting. They put me on a spot called the "booger pit". Best way to describe it is smelling a septic tank. nuthin but hog poopoo and peepee down at the bottom.
When it got close to dark, you could hear them piggies rooting around, walking through the water, etc. They were real close! They just wouldnt come out to my shooting lane. It was gettin dark, so we left.

next chapter to come soon.
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