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I will have to post in parts today... I am at work in a major audit.

So, my cousin and i started our trip down to Louisiana. When we crossed out of Illinois, we were allowed to conceal and carry(per our permit). We stopped at a gas station. My cousin asked if i waqs gonna take a pistol in. I told him yes, it is our right and our freedom to now, so yes. Well, we both packed and walked in. I went into the restroom and while i was in there a meth head or crackhead walked in and started staring at me. I thought i was gonna get jumped or mugged. I walked out of the restroom and the two clerks were screaming that they just went around the corner. they just went around the corner! I had no idea what was going on. I walked outside and cop cars flew into the parking lot. they grabbed someone at the corner of the gas station. and then the meth head walked out, seen the cops and went back in. The clerks told him to get out and locked the doors behind them. ANd then the cops grabbed the meth head too. We got in our vehicles and left. My cousin and i don't know what the heck happened at that gas station, but we were talking about how it was worth it to take the conceal carry class! HAHAAHAHA you never know what might happen. Well, back to work! will post the next segment later!
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