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OK, here's the issue #1 synopsis for Neezy:
  • Meet the first four X-Men:
  • Angel (aka Warren Worthignton, III) - Has large white wings & can fly thanks to his hollow bones
  • Beast (aka Hank McCoy) - Amazingly strong & agile
  • Cyclops (aka Scott "Slim" Summers) - Shoots concussive energy blasts from his eyes
  • Iceman (aka Bobby Drake) - Can freeze water particles in the air to form shields, projectiles, etc.
  • Jean Grey (aka Marvel Girl) arrives & joins the team - Has the power of telekinesis
  • Magneto (aka Eric ) takes over a military base - Controls fields of magnetism & therefore all metallic objects
  • X-Men are dispatched to fight him
  • X-Men win

So about 10 pages after he tries to make-out with her, Beast gets busted for peeking around the corner as jean's putting on her uniform!
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