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Originally Posted by Garandshooter View Post
I had a similar experience when I brought home a second blue heeler (you probably know the breed as Austalian cattle dogs) I would think the birds can learn to get along, but don't know. The closest thing I have to a pet bird is a stuffed pheasant. Can a makeshift cage be made from ready available materials? You could just hillbillie something until you could get a proper cage.
I dont do hillbille

Mother has the answer...She told me to swap the Jens is taken into a cage that he doesnt perceive as his territory (even though Budgies are not supposed to be territorial) so as I swapped cages...the finches were a bugger to catch...Jens and Wyman both flew around the room...and of course Wyman decided he wanted to sit in Jens place...on the pelmet of my door...and Jens has allowed it...because he knows it doesnt belong to him...they are now sitting joined at the hip on my I think when they go into a new cage...Jens..he's still gonna come out dominant...but he wont snap at Wyman because he knows its NOT his cage...

Course now my finches are absolutely exhausted because I chased the blighters around that cage trying to force them back into their bird boxes so I could drop them in Jens old cage....they are looking at me like "WTF...we were settled and you do this again to us!!" they prune each other...blesssssss

Mother always knows best
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