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Sorry as a follow up... I forgot to ask one thing...

Do you have actuall underlying heart disease in the family? I know you mentioned your father and grandfather dying early, but did they have any kind of metabolic dieases?

For example: did they have hyperlipidemias, chylomicronemias, anything that would naturally make you have high levels of LDL and TG normally? Because if THAT is that case, then you unfortunately need medicine. Diet and exercise wont be enough.
Not that I know of. I do know both of them had atherosclerosis. My father was a smoker and pretty much ate whatever he wanted, but he was not overweight by any means. My grandfather was not a smoker and was actually quite an athlete.

I myself, have always worked out since my days in high school. AND I actually do some pretty intense workouts, like kettlebell, interval training, tabata style training, etc. The doctor told me I have a athletes resting heart rate(55 to 62 bpm). My diet did get out of hand for awhile, but I have it back under control. I do not consume any cheese or milk, very limited oils, hardly any read meat, no pork at all. Now there is the ocassional cheat day, but thats about it. I eat lots of green veggies, fruit, brown rice, beans, multigrain or whole wheat pastas, nuts and seeds, and any meat is turkey or chicken. For milk I drink rice milk or almond milk which usually goes on my whole grain cereal.

I appreciate you and RNC's feedback. I have had blood tests every 6 months to check for liver problems since I have been on the Lipitor and so far so good. I just hear of all the serious side effects that one can get from taking this medication and to be honest it is a little frightening! I have another appointment with this doctor in May and if my levels are still good or even better I'm going to ask him again. If he does not budge, I'll get a second opinion.
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