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Originally Posted by Llamafighter
That isn't a fair statement...just sayin'
Nobody's fighting for the terrorists rights! As a member of the United Nations we have to show them that we're playing by the rules. Rules, that both Democrats and Republicans put into place.
Now I'm as leary of this decision to close Gitmo as much as anyone, but I'd like to see how it plays out IN THE NEXT YEAR (as is the timeline).
It doesn't seem to me that they're handing each inmate a gun and letting them out the front doors.

A new yorker who's brother was killed on 9/11 was attending the trials of several of the guys accussed of plotting hte attacks. They all three admitted guilt, that they were proud of it, and said they would do it a million times over. When this order passed down the trial was froze. That disturbs me a little bit, but there are good men and women figuring this all out and I have to have faith that they'll take care of it.
I'm not talking about Democrats and I'm not talking about Liberals. I'm talking about the Left-Wing Liberal extremists in the Democratic party. So this doesn't apply to the average "center-right" or "center-left" Democrat.
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