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I have been a nurse for years and have been treated like crap by docs only twice in my total career. One of the docs was written up and told by the hospital adminstrators that he would lose his rights to practice at that hospital if he were to ever treat a nurse that way again. Most hospitals have NO tolerance for that anymore. The second time was by anesthesia and he got in my personal space so I quickly put a stop to that by telling him he was overstepping his bounds and that if he wanted to be physically threatening I was up for the challenge and to basically "bring it".... Oh he pissed me off. I worked with him a lot though so I had a different relationship with him than the first doc who was just called to labor and delivery for a consult. The anesthesia doc backed down and left me alone after that and is now on meds for bipolar disorder and from what I hear is fantastic to work with.
So don't decide to not be a nurse based on how you see nurses get treated there. I won't work for a hospital or practice that does not ensure nurses get treated with respect. It's just not common practice around here for nurses to be looked down on. Most docs here want a good relationship with the nurses because let's face it, nurses keep the docs from killing you.

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