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Found this on someone's blog - he says it like it is.

Presidential candidate Barack Obama is the most vehement of abortionists, even denying rights to babies who survive the abortion process and are birthed. He says, let them die,[/SIZE] a barbaristic thought that's both chilling and dangerous. What then prevents one from deciding that other human persons deserve death? The elderly, mentally retarded, severely handicapped -- shall we say that their lives should be ended? Here's a slippery slope that Barack cannot avoid.

Pronouncements that Obama is this phenom of public speech and presentation are wrong-headed. How can one be a brilliant speaker and yet say nothing of substance or worth when he speaks? Listen to Obama and you'll find that words flow, but no truth. He says he'll bring "change," unification, and peace. But ask him how and nothing worth listening to will follow. He's rather unlike the great American leaders of times past -- Washington, Lincoln, Reagan -- real men, who knew how to speak and think and live what they believed.

Unlike these men, Obama disbelieves in liberty, self-governance, and a theistic foundation to our country. He instead calls for Marxist, communistic ideals. His are ideas that have long been tried and found wanting -- ideas unsuccessful, but alluring to many, especially those with power. Big taxes, big government, big oppression: all products of leftist thought and action.

Extraordinary evil has no place in the White House. But should Obama enter in, nothing less will dwell there.
please give me a link to where Obama says let children die....i would be interested in seeing that first hand.
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