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Originally Posted by NateR
Well, WW2 ended and the Third Reich collapsed over half a century ago. Our war against Al Qaeda is still going on. And I can almost guarantee that, barring any sort of prisoner trade, none of those German and Nazi POW's were released until Germany surrendered.

Once Iraq and Afghanistan are stabilized and Al Qaeda is completely destroyed, then we can let those men go back to their countries of origin. Until then, releasing them early would just be proof of Obama's incompetence when it comes to warfare and national security. Hopefully, he's not dumb enough to actually do that.

Again, my issue with Left-Wing Liberal nuts is that they will fight tooth and nail for the rights of these terrorists and fully support releasing them back into the wild to kill more American soldiers on the battlefield or civilians through acts of terror. Unfortunately, President Bush was bowing to political pressure to close down Gitmo because of the Left-Wing nutjobs, who have nothing but hatred for America (just like the terrorists).
AQ is a world wide network, even once Afghanistan and Iraq are stabalized...the war will never be over...because war on extremism and terrorism isnt something that began in 2001...its something thats been going on since Civilization began...sooo since the war will never be over...what do you do...because these are Prisoners of an unending cant wait til the war is over the release them.

Bush doesnt bow to political pressure! if he did you'd have been out from Iraq some years ago! what makes you think Guantanamo is the result of left-wing lobbies...can you be more specific?
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