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This is really just tragic, but I can understand the feeling of needing to escape. I went through a bout of that about a month or so ago when my own job search felt pretty pointless. I wasn't anywhere near the level of letting a child die or strangling my mom (my little brother, maybe, but that's perfectly normal, right? ), but I did find myself looking for any possible excuse (watching fights online, checking the forums, re-runs of I Dream of Jeannie on WGN, etc.) to avoid looking for a job & "inevitably" gt rejected again. It was a tough funk to break out of, but I can't imagine wallowing in enough depression & self-pity to actually cast myself completely into a secondary life.

O, & before y'all start worrying about my mental health (or at least more so than usual, anyhow), I just had an awesome phone interview on Friday & will be putting in an application with the Henrico PD tomorrow. Neither are sure things, but I know that both want to hire & soon, so it's looking good.
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