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Miss Foxy
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I feel very shocked and numb.....After almost 2years my boyfriend has been going out to bars and doesnt tell me so when I find out from other people and confront him he ignores me. Finally yesterday I had it and blew up on him. I told him what kind of f*ckery is this that he can't be a grown man and just tell me it's not like I am trying to control him, but when he lies that makes me mad Anyhoots he told me he's confused!?! He said he wants to be single, but he don't want to let me go. I told him I am gonna do us both a favor and end it..Oh prior to him saying he's confused he compared me to his cheating ex wife. I am sorry I am not a cheater. I give this man everything. My unconditional love, friendship, and the domestic stuff (cooking)....I just feel how can I try to work something out with a man that basically lies he wants to be single but keep me? Am I wrong? What do you guys and gals think? I know it's personal, but I don't know what else to do..
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