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Originally Posted by atomdanger View Post
The Healthpak 100 is like the super pack, its 12 pills a day.
You can get the "normal" Usana Multi Vitimin for much cheaper.
I've been taking the USANA Essentials for about a year, can definitely say that I've had better results in the gym and it'd be safe to say I contribute a portion of it to them since my diet is the same and I'm leaner and gaining more strength than in previous years.

I still have some left but recently purchased some Source Naturals Life Force Multiple because it is FAR cheaper and was only about 2% lower than the USANA Essentials in the study.

Looks like they also have a Men's only formula, but it wasn't in the study:

Originally Posted by TLC View Post
Anyone have any idea where the best place is to oder higher-quality vitamins?

A poster's earlier comment about havving problems digesting some higher quality vitamins has me wondering how common an issue that is, and if something cna be done to solve the problem (crushing them perhaps?)

By the way, I guess I'm the one that brought the thread back from the dead...sorry if I broke protocol. Should I have started a new one?
Are you talking about vitamins in general or specific multi-vitamins? The majority of the regular vitamins and minerals can be purchased at normal stores such as Wal-Mart, CostCo, Vitamin Shoppe, Vitamin World, etc. and they are just as good as any others. I used to think it mattered until I subscribed to the studies on The 4 places listed above had all vitamins/minerals tested and found the claims of dosage and potency on the bottles to be true. Multi-vitamins are an exception though.

That statement about digesting is somewhat true. The multis from the test that yield the highest percentages are going to digest and be extremely bioavailable to you. Some of the crap multis such as One-A-Day and Centrum do not fully digest and are only 5% or less bioavailable to you - you are literally pissing/crapping away money by purchasing those. Crushing them will increase the surface area, thus, making it easier to digest; however, if you're not using a high quality multi, it doesn't matter because they are not going to be used by your body.
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