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If a person feels as if they are in a place that has enough ass kissers and suck-ups to constitute an entire "list", why would they stick around for months, or even years? This isn't a Russian gulag, where people are being forced to post and agree with Nate, or they get whipped with bamboo shoots. It's also not an e-popularity contest with Nate handing out prizes to the person who agrees with him most.

The last time I remember actually sticking around a place I thought had that many suck-ups was high-school, and I was forced to go to that.
What are you talking about, You do get a prize for sucking up the most. Its called moderator....

I know your all laughing, yeah even the Mods are....

I stick around cause the posting on occasions is some of the funniest things I have ever read. Its funny to watch someone make fun of PBF and watch you freak out. Its funny to read the King of Wiki in Tyburn. Not to mention reading all the trash talks about Liberals is very amusing.
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