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Of course you would say that because you are a part of the system. I sat through 7 days of Congressional testimony and they proved beyond any doubt they do in fact have a link. SO much so that many vaccines are no being required to be made w/o mercury and insurance companies are required to pay for mercury free vaccines. The studies do not lie only the drug companies and those indebted to them do.

Most of the noise around vaccines come from people who have NO scientific training, and think they have some valid oppinion. Like the with jenny macarthy...shes just using the platform she got from showing her breasts in a magazine, yet people flock to hear what she has to say, as if she knows anything.

Why did they take the mercury out? Well let me ask you, do you even know how the mercury is involved in a vaccine. It is through a compound called Thiomersal. Thiomersal has been around for decades, and has been used in every kind of vaccine, do we all have autism? Plus, how much mercury do you think is in your average piece of fish that you are eating? or tuna sandwhich? Ill give you a hint, A LOT LESS. Go research it, if you dont beleive me. So why did mercury get pulled out? because conspiracy theorists and the media eat this stuff up, and makes GREAT headlines and in turn, MONEY!!!!!. In order to stop a public outcry, pharma companies cave in. Its the same thing with the VIOXX scandal some time back (i can give people a whole bunch of info on that).

Since I am in the bioscience field, i have never read a REAL research paper showing a link between austim and vaccines. The only ones that I know of have been discredited or retracted by the scientists themselves. Like this one, It was this paper that really started the whole controversy. AND IT HAS BEEN RETRACTED. The biggest stat I think I have ever seen was 3 vaccinated children in 10,000 have autism 'symptoms'! You call that a link?

Ill give anyone who wants a link to a paper (you'll see more on the sides) showing NO causal realtionship between vaccines and autism

Now chris F, is NOT totally off. As someone who has had alot of direct contact with reasearch staff from PHARMA companies.....YES they do pull ALOT OF CRAP with you, no doubt about it. But they do alot of good things to.

Vaccines and immunization in my oppinion are the greatest achievement in medicine so far. Just sit down and really think what diseases have been virtually erradicated, or are of no real threat anymore beacuse of them. Measles, rubella, smallpox, mumps, rabies, HPV etc etc.
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