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Originally Posted by Rev View Post
right now in America, this is a big issue and people are going to have alot to say about it on both sides. Plus as people learn more information they are going to want to share it. Although I dont always agree with the views of the Concretekid he still should feel free to post any new info that would help him further gain ground on his side on the debate. Am I right?
Of course you are right.

That wasn't my point though.

I don't really care who posts what, unless it's spam or pornographic, it's not like I'm gonna report it. Still, there are some people currently, and some people in the past, who it seems have gone out of their way to keep dragging on the same discussions and debates when they know their view will not be received well by the majority of people on the forum. There is a word for's on the tip of my tongue...
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