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Originally Posted by Vizion View Post
Thanks Foxy Maybe I am overreacting...being dramatic. This thread has helped calm me down for sure.

Still, I feel like I can't go on without talking to my boss, or someone about how its bothering me. We have a bog board meeting on Friday. There are some things that will be shared regarding our progress since the new year on a case. I am worried that my end hasn't been strong as others and I will look bad, thus, invite more mockery.
Sometimes what you can do, Vizion, is take the wind out of their sails by beating them to the punch line. If it's the right situation, show 'em you can take a joke and make fun of yourself, diffuse the situation. If they know they're getting to you, they'll only continue.

I like to kid and joke especially with people I'm comfortable with, but it is something you have to be careful about in the work place.
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