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Originally Posted by Mac View Post
See , Like , if i say that Llamafighters homosexual tendancies make me feel uncomfortable then he knows thats a joke , were buddies , he probably isnt going to take it to bad .

Or if Mark pops up in this thread and says " Hey Mac , you were a little rough on my goats last night" im gonna laugh , tell my wife that Marks picking on me again , and then make fun of Marks bad choice of haircut or lack thereof .

But if someone i dont like comes in and makes those comments i probably wont take it as well.
Now Mac, you know the truth dont hurt Llamafighters feelings, and you are always rough on Marks goats, and yes Marks haircuts are done with a bowl, heck we all know that, and I will say it before you do, keep you beagle off the streets and it wont have a litter of Silverbacks.
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