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Originally Posted by Vizion View Post
Just have something on my mind. I'm kind of a joker at work, like to have fun and make people smile. I rib people from time to time, but I never make them feel bad about themselves in doing so (least I don't think i do). I had a situation recently when three co-workers were making "cracks" about me right in front of my desk, and I didn't know how to respond because I was angry so I kept it inside which just made me angrier the more I stewed over it. I think they could even sense it a bit because they lowered their tone, but I was still upset because one of them (someone who is practically family to me) announced to the others that "everyone makes fun of him"

I would like to think I'm being paranoid is all, but one of the co-workers and I really just don't get along. We have sort of in the past, but not for long. There is some tension whenever she is around.

Anyone been through something like this???
How do you diffuse, dissuade something like this? It is really bothering me.
The idea of ribbing somebody is to upset them, but only to a certain degree.

If they are talking about you behind your back, or trying to hide it from you, that's not ribbing.

If it is something that really bothers you, and you really care about the people, then try talking about it with them. Otherwise, I wouldn't even care if I were you.
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