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Originally Posted by logrus View Post
I blame teen pregnancies and Hispanics, but that's just me.
Me, too.

I don't hold much stock in these numbers. I once looked into were they come up with these numbers and every country reports their statistics in a different way and have different guidelines as to what and when to report it. For example, how the infant mortality rate is reported is very different. Some countries don't report an infant death until after the mother is 22 wks pregnant before then it is considered an abortion/miscarriage. Some countries report after 28 wks, some only report it if the baby was viable (could have possibly lived) and in some instances it is left up to the doctor to decide if it was viable or not regardless of gestation age (how far the along the mother was). If the infant or fetus wasn't viable then it was chalked up to a miscarriage and no death certificate would be issued. In the US, laws are much stricter on what and when to report as a death of an infant. I can't remember the exact numbers but many more deaths would have to be reported from here. So if you take this into consideration then the outcome numbers don't seem so different in comparison.
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