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How is the surveyor business, and what are starting salaries for newbies. Do you offer OJT? I have thought about doing that at one point in my life, and possibly looking into that I my current job may not take me back due to injuries sustained at work. Mid 40s here and wondering what I'll do if I lose my job due to the injuries. Thanks for any info if you can provide it.

To the OP, good luck on whatever you decide.
Well, it is really slow right now due to the economy. Nothing is selling, so there is not a lot to survey. A government contract has been all that's really kept me going since the bottom fell out, but it expires March 14. Several friends of mine who are also surveyors have gone under or have gotten into other lines of work. Normally, starting salaries for career-oriented people would be in the 30's, running on into the 50's once you are licensed. If you own your own business, the sky's the limit.....if the economy is good, lolol. I pulled in 6 figures several years, but barely paid bills for the past two. Most states require a 2 or 4 year degree plus a certain number of years of OJT to get a license. This can be done concurrently. I hope that helps!
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