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I don't blame you at all! I will be 40 in October, and I start back to school next Monday. This economy is horrible, and my current job is unfortunately very dependent on it. I have been self-employed for almost my entire adult life. Change is 'a comin'!
Exactly the reason why I stayed away from civil engineering. Statistically speaking, there's over 240,000 Civ E. in the U.S. but due to the slumping economy many of them are having a hard time finding work. Same thing with construction engineers.

Plus, from my own stand point I'm not too fond of civil. Not because of the math either, but I like the more bang! engineering sectors (chemistry, electrical, and nuclear). My school doesn't offer chemistry or nuclear, so that's why I decided to specalize in electrical.

Good luck starting back up in school too.

Originally Posted by Play The Man View Post
Other suggestions: Respiratory therapist, ultrasound/echo technician, billing/coding specialist, heart bypass machine technician, prosthetics technician, phlebotomist.
I really recommend this career path to someone who doesn't want to spend lots of time in school, but wants to make a good amount of money. All you have to do is take a CPR course, medical term course, and then the actual qualification class.

I also recommend MLT (medical lab techie), but that requires an associate. It does have good pay, starting out at $21/hr.
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