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Originally Posted by Silverback View Post
Thanks Dave , sorta what I was thinking, my Uncle has been at Fort Hood forever, so its kinda close to my heart.
Your welcome. to me, outside of the church, the Military is the Highest possible calling for anyone. These people put themselves through a lot, mentally, physically, psychologically and emotionally, just to qualify. Then they are bound by strict laws and codes of conduct, then finally they are placed in some of the worlds hardest and most horrible places, at the behest of Governments, for reasons they, personally, may not aggree with, to perform impossible tasks, with no telling when that will end. Finally, they spend their time as best they can defending the freedom of those who they love back home, and attempting to make a difference to the majority of those at the location, they risk life and limb, sometimes their worlds are shattered through injury, sometimes, they dont come home except to eternal rest...but Jesus Christ himself said that Greater Love hath no man then to lay down his life for a friend.

Jesus did it. He risked his life by speaking of The Father, and they executed him for it, regardless of the fact in the eyes of the Law he was basically pronounced innocent. These service people who die, or get injured, or who just participate in any such way, are, whether they know it or not, following that example.

I am sure that there are bad things, I am sure that some of the officers abuse those in training, or abuse prisoners, we know this because the media wont shut up about it...fair enough, its wrong, they are fallen humans, they make mistakes...but I'm damn sure that there is more good that happens then bad, goodness which isnt reported because its figured that noone cares, which is lalso quite wrong indeed...but regardless...those who give and recieve...they know it happens...speak to any Ex-Forces, and ask them, I am perfectly sure they can tell you of good things, happy memories, etc.

so for me...its about the moral of the may be completely fake...but that in itself tells you something...thats someone obviously felt the need to author something positive rather then just negative. I think that should be what we contemplate from this
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