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Originally Posted by Preach
Ben, I just "googled" this and it did bring up sites mentioning boxers and immune deficiency.

On one site they talk about "nutrient deficiency" being an eminent cause of immune system deficiency in dogs. "Animal researchers have recently demonstrated that nutrient deficiency in one generation can affect immune system function in later generations, even if they are not nutrient deficient."

Then it goes on to talk about "boosting your dogs immune system"...

My mom has had two boxers: "Beaux" was a wonderful dog and lived well past the normal age (7-9 yrs, I believe); he lived to be 14. "Elvis" on the other hand was different, kinda wild--we think because of "over breeding". Elvis also lived a long life about 13; he developed tumors that were pushing against his lungs. We put him down.

Maybe with this pup, something happened in the line/generation before him that just presented itself in him/her. They listed a whole bunch of "hereditary" things that can go wrong in the boxer breed much like a human. My vet told me when my pure bred cat got sick that "pure breds" tend to get/have a lot of problems vs. mutts. I guess mutts are more "hardy".

As for being "treatable", I think, from what I read, it depends on what "particular" problem is presenting because of the "immune deficiency".
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