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I've been contemplating on going back to school after my job ends in the next few months. I was interested in getting into something in the Health Care field as it seems to be the steadiest career path..
Though,I'm kindof at odds on what I could do w/o being overwhelming to me. I've tried finding some HealthCare type apptitude test to see if something would spark my interests or what I could be good at....I've only found study guides and stuff....
I've pretty much ruled out Nursing just dont think I'd have the knack for it..I thought about Pharmacy Tech(low pay),and some others;Radiological tech/Xray tech,Physical Theropy assistant,Medical Assistant..I'm just not sure whats the right path for myself at this moment.
I don't blame you at all! I will be 40 in October, and I start back to school next Monday. This economy is horrible, and my current job is unfortunately very dependent on it. I have been self-employed for almost my entire adult life. Change is 'a comin'!
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