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Sounds you are taking steps in the right direction. Have you considered something like occupational therapy? It is a wide field with many prospects and at least decent pay. Here in Canadia you either have to have a degree already to qualify for the 2 year upgrade or else take another 4 years in uni, but it's a worthwhile option considering your options are so wide..

What about dental hygiene, massage therapy, nutritionist etc?

The best way to figure out if something is for you to is to visit your local college or create an opportunity to shadow a professional in the field who might be available to mentor you . I realized I wanted to teach, but before I invested in two more costly years in uni, worked as a supply teacher for two years. The benefits were two-fold, I saved up the money for school and cemented my resolve to enter the field.

I wish you the best of luck in your pursuit,
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