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Well, well, well..... now let me rescind a little of this meaning! Sheeesh, are you taking lessons from Mark on literal meanings here?! I mean nobody likes to be teased in withholding of your info you are dangling in front of us.... now those "other" forms of teasing....I must admit a little teasing can be a bit, well, uh lets just say ...... hey wait!!!!! You are avoiding the question, what is the 45 ticket thing!!! ha ha ha, just kidding.....hows it feel now....wondering what oh what my favorite form of teasing could be, oh and its good, but I'm not a tease like you.... I love
Lets start by saying, Mark and I learn for each other,(its a buddy thing) and will also say, you are a very good tease, and yes thats a good thing. A promise is a promise, and my word means everything to me, so no, won't tell you, but if you guess then that is a horse of a different color.
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