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Originally Posted by Chuck
I have a snake (Odie), have owned several and know plenty of people who also own snakes... but I've never actually met someone that tried to domesticate one. The fact that they are wild is part of the alure to most owners I know.
I always wanted a pet Wolverine. I'd put it in a blue and yellow costume and walk it around with one of those poles with the noose on the end that dog catchers use. Then I could randomly select a vet's office, and walk in.

receptionist; What the hell is that thing

Me: it's my pet wolverine, Logan

reception: OMG!!!

Me: what, do I need an appointment?

Reception: Sir, we don't treat these types of animals

Me: What kind of animals?

Receptionist: WILD animals!

Me: He's not wild, he just dresses that way!
"Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear - not absence of fear."
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