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The problem is that you need to program better. You are probably doing way too much volume and that's "frying" your central nervous system.

That's what you most likely experienced today - CNS fatigue. Believe it or not, the muscles actually recover pretty quickly. But, your nervous system is a whole other entity in and of itself. Most people never even consider that as they train.

That's where trying to set up an S & C program for someone like an MMA fighter is so challenging. They train so much outside of the weight room with so many other disciplines that the last thing you want to do is beat the hell out of them in the weight room. While they may feel fine from a muscular standpoint (no soreness, etc.), their CNS may be an entire other issue.

Anyway, back on topic - in the future, I'd set your programming up for a 3-4 week block and make your last week a lower volume week. If you do it right, you should be able to maintain the intensity (i.e. the weight), but just do it for less sets and less reps. That will allow your body the time it needs to recover and in theoretical periodization terminology - hopefully, you'll achieve some type of adaptation or "supercompensation" effect.

Put your program up and I'll have a look at it and offer some thoughts/suggestions. While program design is not some quick-fix recipe, I have a pretty good idea for what's too much vs. what's not enough. Most people who write their own programs have far more than they need. They put in too many exercises and it's overkill.

Good Luck.
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