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Originally Posted by Spiritwalker
And why..

Care to explain? /me ducks...
okay as its by request

Georges Saint Pierre.

You know I liked him because he was prepared to work hard to get to the top, he fought his way up to Hughes, lost, and fought his way back up. But I got annoyed at his attitude post GSP/Penn 1 Firstly, he started having accidents that were too coincidental. Georges had beaten Penn with some ease, and yet had won the rights to fight Hughes but had lost to him. He had an "accident" and Penn got to fight Hughes first, Penn already had a win over Hughes and GSP next in line, already had a win over Penn. I thought it was cheap, and cutting corners. I was prepared to let it go...but when he won the belt it was quickly evident that he simply wasnt strong enough. He started complaining about the amount of time he needed to have off between fights, then he had another injury and stalled his first defence. Then he lost to an arse who probably wasnt worthy to fight him either legitamately (many think that giving the winner of TUF a title shot was foolish and TUF prooved it) or illegitamately (many believe that it was a political vote on the Judges score at the Finale, and that Lytle should have got the win) What I also hate is people making him out to be something that he's not...suddenly he's classy, suddenly he's magnificent...and yet his first defence went a full five rounds with Jon Fitch who people dont seem to like or rate...yet the wonderful GSP couldnt finish him given a half hour!

Baby Jay Penn

BJ Penn is fickle. He is a guy whose probably the best pure skilled fighter in the world, and he doesnt bother to put the effort in to reach his potential. He's extremely rude with hype before a match, and has had contriversial interactions with people who I deeply support and am loyal to. When Penn failed to beat Jens Pulver, and then failed again to beat Caol Uno, he still found himself allowed to fight else where, and he still found himself allowed to make a match happen with Hughes. Who else gets that sorta special treatment. Within moments of getting the Belt..he abandons it to breach his contract and get the boot. So what did that Belt mean to him? any token, it was something to have...and then it was forgotten and he wanted something more. He was the best fighter on skill and he'd had next to no Legacy bouncing around weight divisions, and being beaten more at Title level. The sad fact was if he bothered to stay focused and bothered to train hard he would have excelled. When he came back to the institution he took the belt that he threw away to the ring declaring he was the real Champion, and he shook his head at the judges decision...if its not that, its medical excuses for why he was beatn by Hughes...then finally with a bit of maturity he began to work for a legacy. But between him and that start was a whole lot of pissing on Pulver, lying about pissing on Pulver...and then assulting Pulver after the fight was over....not to mention storming off in a huff because Jens got interviewed first before him. Now the problem is that he is a glass ceiling in a division of thriving youths who deserve to taste Gold...his eyes are bigger then his stomach and he wants to go where noone else can, and take GSPs belt aswell...If he does he'll over stretch and fall...if he doesnt, maybe he'll get demoralized and fall.

Matt Serra

Is a foul mouthed excuse for a champion. He talks nothing but shyte about everyone. He's just repulsive to me. I hope Matt Hughes sends him packing so that we dont have to hear about him. He's not what he was, a rubish title holder...and he too is prone to little accidents that allow him to avoid cashing the cheques his mouth writes.

Renato Sobral

Disrespected Mixed Martial Arts and everything about it, himself, his trainers, his opponents and the audience, when he deliberately tried to cause harm to his opponent after the match was over. He could have killed the guy, he ignored the Ref. He deserved to be given the boot.

There are others I dont care for, but mainly its just their attitude, and most of them are covered by other people in this thread
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