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Tim Sylvia - no one is bigger than the sport and when he said to Dana, if he is not the main event he would fake an injury, well, right there he lost any chances of me liking him ...
Bj Penn ... same thing .. but guy talks too much .. i like watching him fight and respect his abilities, but when he talks about wanting to kill people, insinuating people take steroids with no proof, holds chokes well, that is just a bad sportsman .. i can give him a pass for certain things (like throwing a knee to joe daddy's head on the ground) because stuff like that happens in the heat of battle .. the other stuff is not so forgiveable ...
Matt Linland - take a shower .. i can't stand the fact that he will intentionally come in stinking, be proud of it and use it as a tactic in mma
Michael Bisping - Got a gift in the decision against Hamill then proceeded to act like a jerk "Go back to wrestling" or whatever he said ... can't wait to see him lose
Tito Ortiz - Mr. Excuse himself .. have an excuse or two, but this guy can write a book of excuses ... and really, who has he beat other than Ken Shamrock in the last little while ... i hope he doesn't blab about himself on the afflication commentating
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