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I have now discovered Here's some gems:

The best advice I can give you about office politics is to go to lots of business dinners and drink less than everyone else. You will learn all kinds of things you can use against them later.
I don't care how drunk you get here, as long as you can still get your work done.
This is probably not work appropriate, but have you heard of this viral video called Two Girls, One Cup?
Whenever people say sexy things, I usually have to Google it to find out what they mean.
Why is there so much traffic? Oh isn’t it some weird Jew holiday? They have to get back before the sun goes down or something? They’re like vampires.
You’re like a Muslim or something, right? You don’t celebrate any real holidays anyway, right?
I need to sign you guys up for Healthcare this year. So, do you get a lot of pap smears or what?
You're sick? Well, if its just your time of the month, can’t you just take a midol or something and get back to work?
In case you can't tell, I'm reeeeeallly bored today!
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