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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
ohhh he's Beautiful!!! absolutely he venomous???
No. The Green Lynx is completely harmless.

I suspect these are a prime example for a colour change...I bet they molt out that colouring every once in a while...during which time they wont look anywhere near so colourful
Tarantulas DO in fact moult, however these specific Tarantulas are mostly found in Arizona, and the sunlight down here is one of the factors that causes their hair to become so light do to exposure to the sun.

Caught one of those at work also
Careful with those bro!

Black Widow's pack a nasty bite and the anti-venom can only be administered in severe cases. I have actually heard that once you get the antivenom shot, you can't get it again because it's dangerous and it won't help anyway. So, if you get bit a second time, you either live or die...
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