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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
Tell me something...Do the larger Archnids have more then one Egg Sac per Lifespan??

The fatal flaw in that picture is the fact the Mother is still there...I thought that the Mother lays the sac and then she dies, and the next spring the sac bursts open. She seems to be still there, I wonder if some of the Bigger spiders because they can live for many years, actually have nests regularly??
I believe that many do, but I am not entirely certain about the specifics of that. However, I do know it is common for the female spiders, especially Tarantuals, to stay with the sac and defend the nest for many weeks, this is the period when the females are most aggressive.

Although, I will admit, I am not completely convinced that the picture is legit just because of "where" I found the picture online, and the big giveaway in my opinion is how large the shadow is coming off the "momma". That looks like a photoshop drop-shadow effect to me.

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