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AZ has a lot of cougars in it's mountainous and desert regions, and even some Bears up north in the higher elevations. About a year ago, a cougar wandered into a bar in a mountain town named Cottonwood and started attacking patrons.

What's also funny is I was reading more about those Hunstman spiders in Australia, and it says that while their bite is actually more painful than it is harmful to humans, the spiders are actually known to cause LOTS of car accidents because they like to get in cars and then they scare the crap out of people....
haha holy crap if one of those were in the car I would probably die.

Yeah, we have a lot of cougars and bear, mostly black bear, but there are still grizzly here also.
I typically see 10 - 15 cougar in a summer.
Maybe 20 - 30 bear.
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