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Originally Posted by bradwright View Post
you are a funny guy like eating steak and shrimp instead of soggy potted meat soup ?
it doesn't matter if you meant that literally or not either way its just a ignorant statement to shows your lack of knowledge when it comes to the rest of the world.
and as far as people wanting to move to Canada from other countries ?
your one wants to come here...Canada is made up entirely of aboriginals.
i'm not sure why you dislike Canada so much (although i do have a pretty good idea ) but you need to let your hate go...its just going to eat you up.
and as far as your statement about me knowing everything about everybody....not quite...but i do know everything i need to know about you.

lol You sure got me. If you take me seriously, then that tells me all I need to know about you. My lack of knowledge about, what? ppfffttt. Please!! Dude!!
Hate? I have plenty of friends from Canada, I sure wish the rest of us could be as receptive as you are, doing a poor job of reading people through a computer and all. I bet everyone else on this forum feels like you do as well huh? Oh, thats right. You probably dont care what people think. Get real dude.
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