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lol. ok dude. Never been over seas but I have been to Canada and Mexico, but hey I live in the USA, I dont feel the need to go anywhere else. When you are eating good steaks and shrimp, why would you feel the need to chase after a soggy potted meat soup.

I love the fact that you know everything about everyone. lol
I have lived all over America and been throughout a lot of "betterthanyou-ville"(canada) and I will take America any day. Must be because I'm an uncultured redneck who hasn't been anywhere. WAIT!!! My step mother who was born in Africa, raised in England, spent most of her adult life in Canada, but now is an American citizen says that she would never go back. She does admit that all places have good parts and bad, but America is the best place she has lived. You guys can continue trying to convince yourselves whatever you want, but Why does America have so many people trying to get in, legally and otherwise? How many times have you heard about people dying trying to get into canada?

You can say what you want and try to sound however you want, but why is it that when our soldiers come back from everywhere, they have people telling them that they want to come to America.
you are a funny guy like eating steak and shrimp instead of soggy potted meat soup ?
it doesn't matter if you meant that literally or not either way its just a ignorant statement to shows your lack of knowledge when it comes to the rest of the world.
and as far as people wanting to move to Canada from other countries ?
your one wants to come here...Canada is made up entirely of aboriginals.
i'm not sure why you dislike Canada so much (although i do have a pretty good idea ) but you need to let your hate go...its just going to eat you up.
and as far as your statement about me knowing everything about everybody....not quite...but i do know everything i need to know about you.
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