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Man id love to see pics if it all possible.
im actually a step ahead for a change, called my dad after i posted that, he has 2 rolls of pictures he took when they where putting the rideaway in, the pvergrowth was shorter and he went arount and took pics of the cars and some of their engines when you could actually get to them

he reminded me of the pics he had of them moving a chevelle (he said it was a SS, i didnt think it was gotta wait for the pics) and they just took the bulldover and tried to scoop it up to move it, instead all they did was flip it upside down and after 30minutes of trying to flip it back over with the bulldozer the front end fell off so the scooped it up and sat it on the roof of it, he said he has 4 pics 1. of it at first, 2. while they try to move it, 3. upside down and beat to crap, 4. with the front end on top of it

soons he finds them he gonna mailem and il start scannin and posting some (maybe send them to someones email if they wanna see all of them, not sure how ya feel about a ton of pics being posted at once)
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