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this guy and the man that owns the land near my dad must be friends when it comes to wasting classic cars..

my dad bought 40 acres that was land locked, he purchased a ride away off a man on the neighboring land, when they cleared the rideaway there where old cars all in the overgrown grass, he came out with a bull dozer and shoved them over back on his land and refuses to sell any of them there are prolly 50+ cars ranging from 50s-early 70s, my dad is a car nut and he was going crazy when he looked around and seen a super bee with a tree growing through the passenger seat, a couple chevelles, 4 roadrunners and one really old looking hurse, most i cant identify they almost all resemble a muscle cars a couple where converatble that the top rotted out of

ive tried a ton of times to get him to part with anything, my dad talked to him many times, others we know talked to him a ton, all are complete cars that worked fine when he parked them, now being swolled by overgrowth and rust

Man id love to see pics if it all possible.
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