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Originally Posted by TheConcretekid View Post
I feel that many people here think that the United States of America is the greatest country in the world.

I for one consider myself a patriot and I love this country and know that it is the greatest nation in the world.

I have been to the Middle East, Asia, all over Europe and across North and South America, in total I've visited, worked and lived in over a dozen countries. I have experienced several types of culture, people, religions, music, entertainment, societies, food, languages and governments and have concluded that America has the best system in the world.

My question to everyone on this board: Do you think America is the greatest country in the world and what other countries have you lived in?

I think this could bring a unique discussion about all topics that are represented in these forums.
I've been to:
Germany (lived there for 2 years)
South Korea (1 year)
Bosnia (3.5 months)
Croatia (3.5 months)
Hungary (stayed for about 4 weeks total)
Mexico (a couple of weeks total)
England (a few days)
Austria (one weekend)
Ireland (a few hours)

Is the United States the greatest country in the world? YES!
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