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Default So I rode a Can-Am Spyder....

So have you all seen these zippin around your town??? They're starting to get more and more popular here in Florida. I've seen them quite a bit recently.. on the road, poker runs and at the area Bike Nights and I have to be honest... I was curious. My riding buddies and I mostly just shake our heads when we see them because we're just not sure what to think.

So Saturday over in Tampa they had a big promo event where you could go and test ride one for about 40 minutes. So I grabbed my son Christian (who goes with me everwhere when I'm on the motorcycle) and we headed over to check 'em out.

So... a brief recap... The event was very well put together. I was definitely impressed by how efficient and friendly the staff was. First we had to do a brief registration process then watch a short video about the Spyder and some of it's safety equipment. I don't reme